About Public Buffalo

Danish post-grunge group Public Buffalo was spat out of western part of the peninsula Jutland in the late 2010s. Right from the beginning the band, consisting of lead singer and guitarist, Oskar, guitarist, Simon, bassist, Andreas, saxophonist and pianist, Sigurd, and drummer and second vocalist, Konrad, collectively found a sensation of unity in music that was a bit odd. The core of Public Buffalo is the perception and recognition of living in a troubled time, and that is the fundamental objective of Public Buffalo; no one is on their own, not even when the amplifiers have been shut off and the audience have returned home.

The composition of the music varies in intensity, tempo, sound and instrumentation. No mind remains the same throughout the day – you get struck by different thoughts, ideas, memories, impressions and notions, and so, for Public Buffalo to make music that is as truthful and honest as possible, the songs have to differ in style and expression. They have all been written with the same intention: To give the listeners a piece of music that resonates and harmonizes with their state of mind.

Their upcoming EP, The Dam, features five different songs that all circle around the same thematics: Doubt, loneliness, anger, anxiety, opposites and confusion. The five band members have all faced times of struggle and times of joy, and that has become the building blocks of their first official release.